An assessment of myself

 Starting out on any journey one must take a closer look at themselves and I have done just that. Starting college online takes time and discipline and I am usually good about both, however if I want to do things right I need to have time to slow down and actually pay closer attention to my studies. After completing a self-assessment questionnaire I learned that there are somethings I need to work on. My scores were put into different areas I got 56 in accepting personal responsibility,57 in discovering self-motivation, 50 mastering self-management,34 employing interdependence,56 gaining self-awareness, 58 adopting lifelong learning, 28 developing emotional intelligence and 40 believing in myself. Most of my scores are in the 50 range and those mean that in that area my choices will sometimes keep me on course for success in college. My lower scores indicate that in this area my choices will seldom keep me on course.

My higher scores I can see why they came out higher I do take responsibility for my own life and the way it turns out including my college path. I am in control of what I want the outcome to be and as  long as I apply myself and do my best then my outcome should be good. I do my best to motivate myself as best I can to help stay on track. The other area I scored high in was adopting lifelong learning I am secure in knowing my learning style and what works best for me it has taken a few attempts with school to fully be aware of this, but I have a good handle on this.

My lower scores fell into developing emotional intelligence, I see why I have often become discouraged and put myself in a place of saying” oh well I tried and this is too much for me to handle right now”. Once these words have made their way out of my mouth I am on a down hill spiral. School becomes the black hole and there is no way out. Why do I do this well I find at times that I tend to overload my plate and give myself too many responsibilities at once, and then if I cannot fulfill them all then I give up on everything. I am very aware of my faults. Do I except them? No I don’t and I blame it on myself for trying to be a perfectionist all the time. I have to work hard to control that emotion and allow myself a mistake here and there and above all unload my plate.

In short understanding who I am so that I can apply it in every aspect of my life allows me to see the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. I am see myself as a hard worker willing to do whatever it takes and I hope to apply myself in manner that makes me a not only a better student but a better person.. one with a degree.


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