Making a choice

Difficult situations, they come into our lives regardless of how we try to prevent them. We could be the cookie cutter of perfection but even those people have to face a difficult situation at some point. I have a few, well probably more than a few. One I will share is about knowing what you need and don’t need.

 In 2008 when the housing market crashed I was pregnant with my 2nd child out of my 4 now. Things looked great prior to that; we bought a house, a trailer /RV, quads another truck we were living high on the hog. I started noticing little things at my job and the market and started to get worried, but at that point it was too late we were in deep. I hadn’t gone to school and I had been in mortgage for 7 years, so I only had experience in one field and that was going under. Things happened rather quickly, first the 3rd car then the house and then both my husband and I lost our jobs getting laid off  to make matters worse the birth of my son was month and half early. We decided to move out of state trying to sell our house, but the market was so bad we couldn’t.  It took us a month to move to AZ. When we were there we didn’t have jobs, or money. We had moved into a house that was beyond our means thinking we could make it work. It was 6 months later we had to move to a smaller house, I literally paid for gas to move our stuff with pennies. My husband got a job and we started to get back on our feet very slowly. I tried to work through my depression of being away from family and worrying about what would happen. I prayed to overcome this feeling. I had called a school for my husband and ended up enrolling myself there instead for a medical program. I finished school and hurried to get a job it took me about month to land one. During that time we had moved from the smaller house to a bigger one with the news of another baby was on the way, baby number 3. After her birth we again found ourselves in financial trouble and moved to a much smaller home. We made some changes to our lives getting rid of much of our material items to fit our large family into our new tiny home. We had finally made a good choice. However life comes into play, my dad who was in CA got into an accident and needed medical items to help with his recovery, and since he and my mom lived in their RV there wasn’t any room for what he needed. My husband and I moved back to CA this time renting a home big enough for 8 people to live in, yes there was another baby in there… baby number 4.  We struggled for a year and when my dad was able to walk again we decided to move into our RV so we could catch back up. I thought I had given up a lot already but this was huge. We gave away almost everything we owned and it was hard. I cried over the decision but knew that deep in my heart we would be okay. It’s been a year living in our 30 foot RV trailer with my 4 kids and 3 dogs, longer than we thought. 

I would love to have a piece of land with a nice house on it enough room for my parents to build a house out there too. But for right now all we need is a bigger trailer for our family. Kids are getting bigger and we step all over each other. I have been praying and I’m hopeful this will happen soon for our family. I think to myself we work hard it will happen when the time is right. I have learned that you get what you need and must make it work in order to move forward. We are rebuilding and it starts with us. We have changed many things in our lives to help secure a better future for our family. We are much more careful about what we do financially that could hinder our main goal.We could play the victim but we choose to make the best out of our situation like so many others we meet that have similar stories. My husband and I both have jobs working full time and I am going back to school to better my career. We have learned that everything we have given up really didn’t matter and we don’t really miss it either. In a healing mass at my church the speaker said I never saw a hearse with a u-hale behind it, meaning when we die we can’t take it with us. I guess when I look back and see how things were compared to now I see growth in all of us and this is exactly where we need to be. 

I can’t control everything that happens but I can choose to adapt and overcome. Making the best out of any situation and passing that along to my children.

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