Friends and Strength

When we think about friends we don’t always see how they play a role in our lives, to us they are just being a good friend. This week along with finding out my core strengths I was asked to look closer at my friends & family and think about what they offer. There are a few different roles that your support group can offer you they are; builder, champion, collaborator, companion, connector, energizer, mind opener, and navigator. This was a little hard for me only because I don’t really have that many friends. I have my mom who would be in my life my builder and mind opener. My mom is good at looking from the outside in and is always there to help me no matter what. My husband is my companion he offers support and helps me navigate in tough situations. I do have a friend who I would consider a connector, she knows people and can usually refer me to the right person. I have more acquaintances in my life than I do friends. Some offer advice, an example would be my coworkers they would all like to see succeed in school so they help at times and give that push when I want to be lazy.  Because I am such a busy person its difficult to make friends and maintain a relationship. Over the years I have become picky when choosing a friend, which leads me to my strengths. Yes,it may seem odd that my strengths would hinder my friendship status, but they sort of do. My strengths are consistency , learner, discipline, belief,and responsibility and these can be a conflict with my friendships. It is true that I get along better with someone who can understand my busy life. I am really big on doing things right. This can cause a conflict with someone who cuts corners. Discipline would be another I am a planner. I have trouble stepping out of routine I can’t adjust quickly to perform a good outcome. So having a friend who follows through is really important to me. 
People will always come and go in my life, the good and the bad. I accept all attempts to be friends with everyone. But when it comes to having that meaningful friendship I choose those closest to me.


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