Style of learning

Going to school is difficult on its own, but going to school online takes massive discipline. I have been asked several times “Ara how do you do it?” My answer is some days I’m not even sure. I honestly think that no matter how you decided to attend school all that counts is if you put your best effort forward. I have had many things in my life come up during the start of school and I have had to adjust and rearrange my schedule to accommodate all aspects of my life. Being a mom to 4 amazing children who have the energy of the energizer bunny is handful its self. I work full time and at the end of the day I am still a wife as well. My concentration is interrupted and I do my homework any where and every time I have a chance. For example I am sitting in jiffy lube getting an oil change right now. I have to say its actually quite here so I can hear myself think.

I have learned many things about myself through my first set of classes and I am thankful. I have learned that I am not perfect nor can I be at everything. I have learned to focus on my strengths and since I have my weaknesses have decreased. I have over come boundaries from asking for help to not beating myself up for a lower grade than I would like to have. There are things I need improvement on and I know I can only get better. My husband and I  recently made a huge decision to move to Texas. This played a huge role in my lack of focus the last two weeks. I tried to get back on track and prepare for this move but in the end I missed my mark. The difference is my support system, my family and success coach they give me the motivation I need when I am feeling down.

The one thing I learned this week was my learning ability. After a short quiz I discovered that I am a reflective learner. Now that means I am a ” lets think it through first ” kind of gal. I am also a sensing learner, I learn facts, I solve problems by well- established methods & dislike complications and surprises. This part is so true, when computer ruined my day. We have a assignment in class and it involved U ITunes. In my case U Itunes wont  seem to download on my computer. One minute it will say “congratulations”  so try and try and try, I download everything I did not want. Now part of my learning style is that I’m patient with details. With the details of computer I was not patient, but I am patient when it comes to knitting or stepping into a creative zone. Yes I am a hands on worker. If someone tells me about a concept I have never heard I might get the lost look. But if you show me I’m on it right away, and I become the visual learner.
I have grown in this class and with a much better approach on my strengths. I have tried my best and accepted defeat at times. I enjoy the knowledge I am going and even better I have god through it all. Going to school is tough but if it were easy would I really want to do it? No way try to live in present, take plenty of walks with God and answer his calling for me, I will succeed because I believe in him.


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