Stress and Emotions

Stress is about the only emotion I have been feeling the past few days. With the first leg of my move going well. I truly see that god has taken my family into his arms and showered us with his love.  I was also under a huge amount of stress.. I still am. With this move comes new beginnings. New home, new people, new jobs, and not knowing how it will turn out stresses me in a big way. I know that I am to live in the present, not the past or the future because I am supposed to leave those with God. So my plan for my stress right now is to focus on one day at a time. Yes this saying is not just for AA. I was recently told by one of the priests I need to let go and let God. I am working on it, I’m not quite there yet. I have to walk away take a deep breath and slow my self down. My nature is to try and control every situation and in reality you can’t. I have to accept things and move on. Again I am still working on this. 
         I took an interesting and long self examination test about emotions. when you complete 146 questions it really drains the brain.  I found out that I still have room to grow, I am able to read people and there emotions and my skills help with my emotional relationships. Which is what I have to do at my job now and with my previous experience being a counselor at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation . I did think it was interesting to answer work questions and the “what would you do” if this happened to you. Most of the questions I had to answer  were things I have had to deal with before. If I had to come up with the perfect place to work I have no clue what that would like honestly. I would hope to get along with my co workers. A place that has policy that all must follow. Clean environment, team work oriented, a place where you can be yourself. I have worked a  few different jobs in my life and I learned something from all of them. Even though my stress may be high I know that new beginnings can also be a time to change too. Take my experience and make the outcome better for me and everyone around me. You know when I started this blog I never thought it would turn out to be bigger journey I was expecting a small one just with school, but here I am on a huge journey.
    I will soon be out looking for that perfect work place and hopefully I will find it. I am looking forward to good things and dealing with the not so good things that come my way. Now that we have moved back to Texas and we are “starting all over again” as my 7 year old told me on the drive, I am thankfully thus far. My family here has been a major support system and I am very happy with that alone.

God Bless 

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