Small town love

Back in Texas in a very small town called Vega and yes its a place where everyone knows your name. Remember the scene in the Disney film Meet the Robertsons, they are all around the table asking about last names and they know just about everyone by the family name. Its like that here too.

Today we are at the town park and listening to some good ole bluegrass. I’m here because the playground distracts the kids while I get  chance to work on schoolwork. Its a little windy but the temperature is just right. I have to say its nice to be back in small town living, the people are nice and everyone enjoys a good time.

My journey with life and school has been a rollercoaster. Bad WiFi, no computer,just a smart phone. Its been a big adventure to come up with ways to get my schoolwork done and maintain my grades. However thanks to my savior Lord Jesus Christ through him all things are possible. I am making the grade and turning in my work.
If you ever think the you can’t wait a minute and then look at the impossible as possible it will change your life. I’m living proof, if you have God you have it all.

God bless


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