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Etsy store research

I have been doing some research today on what I need to do to improve my Etsy store. I learned that having a good social network helps, friends and family like to support your dreams. I also learned that taking pictures of the product is very important and to use natural lighting. Tag and describe, I should tag my products with as much as I can and give a full description material, sizes, and condition. Uploading more than a few products will help drive more traffic to my Etsy site. Keeping prices low and affordable also helps. I am hoping to have a re launch now that my mom and daughter(who is 8yrs old) will be making and selling their items on there with me. Etsy has made it easy now to accept credit cards, with a fee. On top of this you can get the Etsy card reader and do transactions anywhere you go. I have put my name on the list when more become available.

The other thing I found that I thought was neat was how you can offer locally through friends and family to have a craft home party. Offer prizes and make sure the host gets a special gift for opening up her home and inviting people to purchase from you. This is great because I can use my Etsy card reader at the parties.

I have a ton of work to do, not only making my new store items but also making sure my store generates some traffic. I seem to do well at craft fairs with my scarves I make so hopefully I can get my store up.

Since I have 3 weeks off from school I can get things in order over break. Its a blessing that there are these options for those of us who enjoy crafting and want to turn it into a business. I pray that with a little push from God all will go well

God Bless.


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