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My 2015

 Do you start the new year off by saying “This is going to be my year!” I do and for the most part every year has had something different to offer me. I have learned many life lessons and I’m still learning them today. I am really looking forward to this new year and trying to get used to saying and writing 2015. There are things I am praying for this year for my family and God answers with what we need and that’s ok with me. I wanted to share some awesome things with you today that I love.

There is a great book called Living Each Day by the Power of Faith, by Barbara Shlemon Ryan. This book is a great read and I went through it quickly, because I just couldn’t put it down. There is some really good advice that can help you navigate through those negative situations. You know, waking up each day and Thanking God is the best way to get your day started. If you can get this book I promise you will enjoy it.

On another note…
For Christmas I got perfume and one of them was Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. Let me just say this, if I could take a bath in this, I so would!! Love.. Love.. Love it!

Something else to think about is with winter and fingers. I use my phone a lot and wearing gloves doesn’t work well on my touch screen, so next awesome thing fingerless gloves BAby! I love them my hands can stay warm and I can still network on my phone with no issues. I have a picture posted below. We are in the process of making more to put up for sale on our easy store at Handmadends
I also ordered my passion planner if you type in passion planner on YouTube you can see this in more detail. I am very excited about this since I am freak about organization and journaling. Having the two combined is awesome, I can free up space in my purse.

I love being creative and being a goofy and silly. You will soon find this out if you follow me. You can also follow me on twitter as well @Essenceofara.

I am working on some new research on how to make money from home that is legit. Not trying to make thousands but a little here and there. I’ll let you know what I find out.

For now I hope you all are having a great 2015 so far and God Bless!


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