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Making Money at Home

                So  I have always been that person who tries to sell stuff. I have done Avon, Mary Kay, The Body Shop, Candles and so on. I found out I am not a good sells woman, I actually suck at it. I have a Kangen water machine and I signed up for the business,  I sold one. Those machines are expensive, but the cool thing they do have a payment plan, that’s how I got mine. So I know I can not get people to buy other peoples products. I do have my Etsy store HandMadends , but that’s something I make and I love to do so for me its different, and hey if people like my own creation that’s cool. I read other blogs and see there are some new interesting ways to make money from home. So I scoped some of them out.

Since I am in school I have a ton of books and I am not even done with school yet. Now I could sell them back to the school, but they were offering me pennies and that just wouldn’t work. I found typed in my book’s ISBN number and found the highest paying company for my books. I came to a total of $219.00 I could earn back. There are a few sites out there where you can sell your books to the highest paying company, you just want to watch for shipping fees and payment fees if you use PayPal.

Now I did look at a few other sites and here are the ones I liked.
Gigwalk, load the App, register with simple info and put your PayPal  email in the App settings. You can then locate gigs in your area. You follow the instructions for the gig and you get paid. Sounds pretty easy to me and you get money not credits or a gift card. if you can offer a service you can advertise here for free. For me it would be just another site I have to maintain but can help expand.

Wereward App, You take a selfie with a certain item in the store. You have to earn at least $10 to cash out. You also have to purchase the product, so unless you need it or really want to buy it then it wouldn’t be too bad. If you refer people there is a referral program as well.

Best thing to really pay attention to is if they promise thousands of dollars in an unrealistic time frame well then its probably a scam. The other part is I am not willing to give my personal information to companies. I would make sure before starting any at home work you check credibility.
For myself I am good with my store and selling my school books. I have thought about checking into renting chickens Ya, if you have land you can rent a space out to local farmers to raise their chickens on.
Well hope everyone has a blessed day.


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