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Keeping Busy

 I read that being a stay at home you should have an outlet so you don’t go crazy. I live in the middle of nowhere and I don’t leave the house very much so I definitely needed and outlet. So I am the local weather girl http://youtu.be/e-xt3-_JC5A  This is my outlet as a stay at home mommy. I find it fun and a chance to be a goof. I also have my side hobby making and creating things for my Etsy store HandMadends https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandMadends?ref=hdr_shop_menu   which is fun and of course blogging here. Now I am still working on getting my college education complete. Most people ask are you going to college to become a weather girl, the answer is no. I am actually going to college to become a nurse. Just think one day you’ll have the knitting goofy weather girl taking care of you.

My biggest default lately is staying focused there is just so much I want to do and just not enough time to get it all done. I am waiting anxiously on my passion planner to assist with my schedule. I was reading about how to get things done and stay on task I found that having a nightly routine before bed can help. I find myself going to bed thinking did I get everything done I needed to. The answer is nope, so I find myself getting up. Another helpful thing is to have a to-do list, I have to-do lists everywhere. I have one for school, one for cleaning, one of what I need at the grocery,  I think I have too many lists and it drives me nuts when I loose them. So break it down to the to-do list and the  “want” to-do list. Get the idea for dinner out of they way the night before, leaving you from the panic in the afternoon to figure out what’s for dinner. Put away the smart phone in the morning, which is my biggest down fall. Tackle the to-do list with breaks and make sure your realistic. You may not accomplish everything on your list so don’t freak out.

You want to move forward and not focus on perfection. Allow for things to come naturally and don’t push it.   I hope everyone has a blessed day


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