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Snowed In

                            It’s a cold snowed in day here the Texas area, but man is it gorgeous out. Kids are home from school and they are busy playing and fighting over toys, which is normal. Everywhere you step there are toys and I am lucky I haven’t broken my ankle yet. Now that being said the person who is driving me nuts is my husband. He is so bored even though there is plenty to do on the “honey do list”, he doesn’t want to do that stuff of course. So he is pacing the house, sighing and saying “O my gosh I am so bored”. Me on the other hand I still have some school work to complete for this week, nope school isn’t cancelled for me. I have some knitting to complete, my Weather girl updates and so many other things I want to get done. Bored isn’t part of my vocabulary at all. Needless to say I need to schedule a play date today not for my kids, but for my husband. Oh lordy the things we do for love.

Hope everyone is having a blessed day.
Check out my video from today and our winter snow storm http://youtu.be/ZS4aiJb8pco.   and  http://youtu.be/bZih7QpF7wE   
And then take a look at our Etsy store HandMadends.

See I’m not bored.


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