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Meal Prep

    Okay so I am on Pinterest a lot! If there is something I want to know how to do or research further I say ” I’ll just look for it on pinterest”. My husband says I am freak about it. So this week I decided to try and meal prep and get on a budget.  I decided to go with a pin I found called “Frozen Meal Prep” on a blog called All things Katie Marie. She offers recipes, cooking instructions, ( all meals are crock pot meals) and a grocery list. Now I have a bigger family compared to what she has, however I still stayed on a budget that suited me, and I now have a freezer full of meals. It’s because my freezer is too small I couldn’t prep all the meals, but did buy for all of the meals, so as we eat I can replace with a new frozen meal. I actually feel really excited to try the meals and relieved that I am not going to be worrying about what’s for dinner. Being a mom of 4 children and a full time student this gives me some breathing room so our family isn’t eating at 10pm. Here are my photo’s

The setup to meal prep.

My Teriyaki Beef, the big machine behind it is my Kangen Water Machine. Love it. If you want to know more about that you can leave me a comment below.

 Small freezer, but hey at least its full of yummy meals
You can go to All things Katie Marie and check it out for yourself
I hope you all have a blessed day!

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