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Life And A Blog


       When it comes to my brain the best way I can describe it is fifty million thoughts flashing by at the speed of light. I have so many things that I think about on a daily basis, but my thoughts really come crashing in right before I go to bed. Maybe they come at that time because it’s the time of day that everyone is in bed, the noisy house is quite, and I am the only one up getting prepared for the next day. I was thinking about my blog the other night and really the only reason I started this blog was because I had to have it for school. I decided to keep it  going I thought why not research and talk about the things I find interesting, maybe someone else will too. Now I am not a writer by any terms my English teachers are constantly getting onto me for my writing, so please try not to judge me. I do my best. (Sentence fragments and all)                              

         The idea of having a large audience and reaching more people sounds great, just like having my Etsy store sounds great. There are times I sit and think about my blog and Etsy store and say to myself “Really! Why bother this is a joke, you’re not getting anywhere with any of this”, and frankly I have no clue as to what I am doing.  People hit up my twitter saying how I can pay them to join their blog group for a price or how they can drive more traffic to my sites, but honestly I want people to want to read my blog and go to my store. I start to wonder is anyone even reading this.

        When I start doubting myself about doing all this, I usually find other people who write how they have felt the same way. Reading someone else’s story and how they overcome those low moments lets me know I am not alone. I have a board on my Pinterest that is called selling tips, I pinned a blog called “Make a Living as a Crafter!” after reading this blog I didn’t feel alone, I felt inspired. The interesting part about the writer is that she is a nurse, and I am currently in school to be a nurse. Having worked in the hospital as a patient care tech for the past five years it’s kind of nice to focus solely on school and my other passions I have to put off from working 12 hour night shifts. If you have the chance you should swing over and read her blog.

        Switching gears here keeping up with my brain I have been attempting projects from Pinterest and Facebook. My first was of course my meal prep which I still have frozen meals and so far all the meals taste great. You can find more of that on my last blog titled Meal Prep. Then I did my daughter’s hair in heart pig tails today photo posted below. If your kids are anything like mine it may be off to one side more than the other because they won’t sit still. Then my friend want to paint a dresser with crackle paint and she found a video to create this look using Elmer’s glue. 
This is her finished crackle project


I have a ton of things Pinned that I can’t wait to try I wish I had a clone to do them all.


To sum it up I have seen there is no reason to give up what I love to do. I love to play with my kids, knit, write, research and share. Do what makes you happy! I am looking forward to seeing where this journey will go good and bad. Having faith, love and happiness.

Hope everyone has a blessed day.
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