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Blog Goals 2015


                        There are times I have sat and thought about financial gain, and not the greedy kind where I am filthy rich, but to the point that money is coming in on a steady basis at least while I am in school. I recently wrote about jobs from home and researched a few apps I found. One thing I did do was I sold my school books, I didn’t use Bookfinder.com  like I thought I would I actually created a seller account on Amazon and instantly my books sold. For myself I prefer selling my school books through Amazon, you follow the recommended steps for pricing and shipping cost, add your account information for deposits and start selling. I started off with 16 books and now I only have 6 books left, I sold most of them within the first week.
                Now I didn’t get a ton of money from this but I did get some cash back in my pocket. I have read other blogs on focus groups which I have done in the past and they were great and fun to do. There are so many options to try and I am looking to experiment with few, of course making sure they are not a scam or someone trying to still my information.

                I read for a blog you need to post two discussions a week to make it onto the search engine for people to find you so this will be something to try. Having fresh topics and ideas to share is sure to be a challenge to keep people interested. Plus I have a brain that likes to jump from topic to another. With my blog writing project I have to get into a routine.

First I have to get organized and I just received something I have been waiting for to help me with this, I got my PASSION PLANNER.

Second I have to find and follow other successful blogs and study from their rise in the blogging world.

Third link up! Find Linky Parties. This one is new to me but I found more info about it here http://www.blogguidebook.com/p/linky-parties.html.

Fourth Giveaway! Who doesn’t like a good giveaway as long as it’s a real one and someone actually wins. I’m honest so that is easy for me.

Five Twitter Party!  I have seen these on Twitter but I haven’t attended one yet so I am thinking I should since it is suggested.

Six Pinterest, I am obsessed with Pinterest, huge distraction I pin and pin and hardly accomplish anything.

Seven Instagram, I just started Instagram and honestly I am still confused with it but working through.

Eight check out blogging networks and follow them to research.

Nine Affiliate programs. I currently use Google AdSense that’s on Blogger

Ten Contribute to a blog with a larger audience. I have no problem with this I think we should all help one another out.

Eleven Keep it fun, don’t make this your life. I have a bad habits of this. Ever since I started my Etsy Store HadeMadends and writing a blog I can’t stop being on my phone or computer reading, researching, writing down ideas I have, so yes I do need to set time away and Take a Break

All these tips I just summed up here are in full detail at http://mycrazygoodlife.com/ten-things-try-in-your-first-six-months-of-blogging/

I hope you are all having a blessed day! Setting goals and working to accomplish them put a little faith behind it and nothing can stop you.


2 thoughts on “Blog Goals 2015”

  1. Thanks for the tips and the link! With Instagram, just like with Pinterest, it is all about the pictures. The big difference is that on Insta, it's mostly your pictures and maybe a repost if you really want to. Make them fun, vibrant, interesting.

    Also, in my experience, reading and responding to comments/e-mails is important. Networking with other bloggers is a must! Check out this great post to introduce your blog
    https://caffeineandfairydust.wordpress.com/ Happy Blogging!!!

    Smile Tinsley


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