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The Dream

The American Dream for many people has a different meaning or idea. Is the dream to acquire money, property, or just transforming their life to be better than the generation before them? Some of us may succeed and some may be frustrated that their dream is not happening for them. When it comes down to it we have to make peace with doing what we love because it makes us happy and accepting lose in life even if they don’t include our dream.

Values and influences in my life are Family and God, these two values drive and motivate me daily. I reflect at night on my day on how God worked in me that day, how my family grew from any experience that rose up for them. I can’t help myself when it comes to motivation for others or myself and just being that big cheerleader. For the next 96 days I am reading In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez, and it’s an inspirational and very motivating book so far. To know that when I am feeling depressed or sad about my own dreams not happening as quickly if not at all like I want, that I should turn to God. “Those of us who are pessimistic and who think there is no remedy for our defects should know that the moment has arrived. Let us look on it as a time of change and hope.” I don’t know how many times I would just give up when things were not going my way, just walk away. I am making a change for joy I am not giving up because I turned to change and hope and will continue too. I declare my dreams to take however long they may need to and find the journey of reaching them full of joy.

Have a blessed day!!


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