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My Photo an Hour Blog

                          I was on CaffeineandFairydust  blog and she had  blogged about taking a photo every hour on the hour and posting it on Instagram. I love this idea if just to document your day and what it looks like through the camera lens. When I reflected back on my day I found it was interesting see what my day looked like. If you have the chance to try this, you should. I did have to set  my timer to remind me to take a photo, I have alarms set for all kinds of things.  These are my photo’s below. I am posting the directions from Caffeine and Fairydust if you want to try this out.
This is my face when I saw two big cattle trucks pull up to my house
This was them unloading the cattle
Time to pick up one of kids from school
Working on my school work. My keyboard shows what keys I use the most. Crazy!
Time to eat something, defiantly not the healthiest diet, but these two items are my favorite.
 Time to get dressed and look like a human and not a zombie mommy
Driving to town to get my supplies from Michaels and meeting up with friend. I was kid less and this hardly happens.
My friend dropped her kids off at a birthday party and the kids got to go swimming. Gotta love indoor heated pools in the winter.
Quick stop for gas
Having a drink with dinner
 Selfie moment to our husbands to say we are having fun and OK,
Driving home with 50mph wind gusts, tumble weeds and dirt flying low visibility.
 This face looks at me and says please pet me.
This was really a lot of fun I enjoyed and I am glad  I found the idea, Here are the directions for you to give it a try.

Want to play? Here are the rules: 1. From 10am – 10pm you must post a photo every hour on the hour.
2. You have to take a photo at that exact time – you are not allowed to use an old photo.
3. In the description, use the hashtag #APhotoAnHour along with the time so that other players can easily find your photo.
4. Tag @CaffeineandFairydust – I would love to see your photos!
5. Invite your friends to join!

Hope your all having a blessed day!


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