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Balance in Life.. Blog.. Kids..Student..Brain Dead

  My crafting life is starting to want to take over my school life the distraction is difficult. I was lying in bed last night and had this awesome topic to blog about and of course by morning BAM! No clue what it was. Like I said before my mind feels like it never shuts off.  I view blogs as a type of reality that most people think about but would never dare tell anyone about. In a blog you can give your personal opinion on things. Example I just bought into Young Living and was introduced to the oils by viewing a rental home. I am super excited about getting my stuff but also learned it’s a business as well. I am not going to push sells but I am willing to tell you about it good and bad and if you’re interested to know more just leave me a comment.

    Now on ward we go I am finishing another set of classes in school this week and unfortunately I will not be getting spring break like my kids. Can we say stress ball! If your kids are anything like mine they need projects to keep them occupied. For one week of entertaining kids and trying to get school work done I have to have a back up plan. Guess what I have? I have a  box all set for times like this called CRAFT BOX and OTHER STUFF.  Some of the projects I picked up at Michaels and some at the Dollar Store. Most important thing is being organized and having kids ranging from ages 3-8 I need a variety of projects and games.

       Balance in life is key especially those of us who carry many roles and I personally have a few. I have a routine like most people and actually it becomes boring sometimes. I will be standing at the kitchen sink at 8:15 am looking out my window into a cow field thinking “I hate doing dishes” shut the water off an start sweeping then look at the dog haired covered wooden floors and say “ I hate sweeping”. I really get tired of cleaning.  Then I move onto school work and depending on the class I can usually get into doing my work. I push my school work to be done by Friday so I can craft, spend time with my kids and friends, just a stress free weekend no deadlines. This thought process can really make you feel stressed trying to have everything done by Friday, however I get things done by doing a little at a time. Over thinking things can make you go mad, literally insane. This blog, My Etsy Store isn’t because I have to do it, it’s because I want to… I enjoy it. It’s about what makes me happy and how other people want to read or want to buy what I love putting out there! Just a quick thing that I am sure we have all heard a million times… Be true to who you are. Do what makes you happy and back that with faith. BAM! Golden.

 Really I was hoping by blogging my intimal idea I had last night would come back, but nope I am drawing blank. So note to self-put a note pad and small light next to bed.

These are my new bookmarks I made. https://www.etsy.com/shop/HandMadends?ref=hdr_shop_menu


I hope all of you have a blessed day.

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