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Most of time we never get really personal with people. Why is that? We make friends and never open up completely, is it a fear of judgment? Friends are important however my mom always said blood is thicker than water , and because of that I wonder is that why I don’t have that many good friends? I have about 3people in my life time that I call friends .. No I will not say my age but only 3 who no matter what are still my friends. I had a friend that I went through it all with when I was younger, you couldn’t say her name or my name without it being one whole name.  That ended 8years into out friendship I never thought that would ever happen,it was because of that friendship it was difficult in my adult age to make decent friends. How can you fully trust someone again? I was so hurt and blind sided from that friendship that making friends in my future was tremendously hard. Now older I have 3 good friends. A friend for me is someone who would do anything to be there for you at all times and offer sound advice and not what you want to hear. These 3 girls have been like sisters to me they tell what is needed. That’s a feiend! They have told me when I am wrong and when I am right and have been through many aspects of my life. Its hard to have good friends these days. Knowing who you can trust and lean on and help you when you are down. I am thankful for the friends I have they are not only friends but my great cheerleaders in my life.
When you have friend it makes for healthy relationships,just make sure you choose your friends wisely.

Hope you all have a blessed day.


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