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Our Story

           Our stories we share start off as our own but eventually you may end up sharing them to help another person through a difficult time or just to let them know how you handled the situation that created a story in your life. I have often thought of my own stories, like a book filled with chapters in my mind. Some chapters are long, some chapters are short some were happy and some were sad, but in the end each chapter taught me a lesson. I’m not so sure I have ever meet a person in my life that has truly had chapters in their life that didn’t result in meaning. Many times I was at a lose of what the meaning was. I would get angry because I was fighting so hard to have something that was just not supposed to be part of Gods plan for me. In the end I was taught to give up my own course that lead to an uphill climb with sadness and the feeling of being all alone and lean on the one who gave me life. I sit and think about those chapters but I’m not angry when I relive those moments in my head. I have found that letting go and allowing things to happen without force has allowed me to live a joyful life and enjoy the little things more.
           Balance in life is key to getting rid of the negative aspects of your daily routine. I am the type of person who goes all out and when I get on my kick I go for everything and usually overwhelm myself. Then there are those moments when I just don’t do anything at all and get extremely lazy. I often feel myself in this rollercoaster of emotion and never really sure where my happy medium is. I am learning that all of this because I am not spending enough time with God. Waking up with prayer on my mind instead of the long list of what I have to get done for the day. I feel like my time is gone before I have anything done. I’ll paint the picture I get up get my kids ready for school, come home after dropping them off start making the bed then see laundry on the floor so I head to the laundry room start a load of laundry, hear the toilet running so I go to stop that then start cleaning the bathroom, the phone rings so I head to the kitchen to get my phone tripping over toys, miss the phone call, then get distracted by my dishes. So I have a half made bed a washer that’s not washing a half cleaned bathroom and I  wonder why nothing gets done. I don’t slow down at all I am in such a hurry to get everything done and I want it all done right now.
        When I was a kid we would play this game that we called the bible game. We would ask a question or think of a  problem we had and hold the bible. Then we would flip open the bible close our eyes and point, whatever reading you had your finger on was your answer or thought for the day. I was journaling one day and broke out my bible my finger landed on Luke 10:38-42. My prayer ” Help me slow down, Lord, right now, before I think of something else that I should be doing as if it really is more important than you. Let me sit in the quiet, peace of your presence and soak up all that you have to say to me. Give me the patience and perception to do nothing else for the next few moments except too totally, completely and wonderfully centered on you.” That is just what I did and do now when I want to hurry.

Have a Blessed Day!


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