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At a low

I am at a low today as I just found out the home I love so much out of any home I have ever lived in is going to auction in June.
     In the beginning of our life as husband and wife we lived in a one bedroom guest house and then moved into a 3bedroom home after our wedding. Once the news of a baby came along we bought a home we thought we would live in forever. But then the 2008 housing market happened I was pregnant with my son working in title and escrow , my husband working on construction for homes. Both of us laid off, we lost everything in a blink of an eye. We moved to Tucson hoping to start over and right when we were back on track news of my dad getting into an accident. We moved back to CA and struggled to support all 8 of us. We lived in our RV for a year and half then making a quick move sudden move to come back home where we are from, we moved to Texas. Support from God and family made everything happen.                

Now we are once more challenged. We had planned to return to CA to get our stuff from storage to make our love final and complete. We have now been told by our landlord we rent from he is selling our home in auction in June. We want to buy our home and in some way happy its possible to buy, but because we once lost everything our credit is not in good standing to buy. We had hoped this opportunity would come later when our credit had time to recover. We now look at losing a home all over again.
            This house is old, run down, damaged, it really needs so much work, but I love it and we are family in this home. I told my oldest and she cried, I told her outside as set free our baby rabbits we had saved from attack because the momma was gone. We sat in the front yard looking at our home and cried about how we love this home all the way to the birds that chirp all hours of that day. The way when it rains we get animals in our garage that seek shelter and scare us as they crawl up. How we moo at the cows and how the silence brings us such peace.. We held each other and cried. She asked if she will get to stay at this school.. The third one she has been in now.. Will she get to see her friends ever again.. Where will we go momma??? Tears run down our faces and I don’t have an answer.
           I am at a lose a very sad deep lose.
I pray and know I am not in control I have to let go.. There must be a reason.. There just has to be one.



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