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Moving Forward

It doesn’t make sense to sit still in silence and stare at my red comfortable blanket thinking to myself sleeping it away makes it go away.. No it is still there when I wake up, like a mirror with my own image staring back at me saying hello. So I made the choice to give it away and move forward, not give up. I placed my fate in the hands of God and I am glad I did. This Easter Sunday was a blessing with my husband and kids, we ALL went to church normally its just myself and the kids but yes he came and made our family complete. Then we had a park date with my fun, load, loving family with egg hunt included. Then on to my parents home for another egg hunt I have tons of candy now. Then home to build a backyard swing that hangs from our tree out back. It was a great day filled with laughter, joy, and blessings. So with a day like that why wouldn’t I continue to stay in the light and out the darkness, that proves that we are blessed regardless of what we have, money, clothes, home, car, we are a family and together that is what is most important.
Hope you have a blessed day




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