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Amazing Thursday

Let us rejoice and be glad for this is our day. I am all about motivation and stories of people down who triumph the impossible, they give me such hope. I read blogs and cry, I watch videos and cry, heck I’m just a cry baby.
My crafting addiction has been on hold as I am writing two papers this week and as time flies and my psychology and health course this term are almost over, my work assignments are getting harder. However one thing I have found is I can actually do well under pressure, but it is so not pretty to see. I  am mad women under pressure running, yelling, just all around freak out moment. Right now I have not hit that moment of freak out yet, by Sunday it may be a different story.
I journal a lot and I went back a year ago today to read where I was in my life then, because we sometimes remember but we don’t always remember the little details. A year ago today I was getting off from working a night shift at the hospital sadden that I had lost a patient but unable to communicate that with anyone but someone who could relate working in the medical field. I briefly spoke about my difficult night and how tired I was but unable to sleep. I said a prayer and that was the end. Reading that today brings me to the moment I am full time stay at home mom and student, and still tired. I miss the hospital the relationship I had with patients at night you get hear the best advice and best life stories. Those stories didn’t talk about blogs or people who are famous but people who fought, struggled,loved,and lived. It’s amazing how far we have come in this world.
There are some amazing people out there don’t just read about them, be one of them.
Hope you all have a blessed day.



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