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Faithful Friday

As I stood on the dirt road in front of my house yelling and proclaiming this house as mine, I had a feeling of calm come over me. I am sure the shear shock of me lying on the ground doing a dirt angel laughing with a smile on my face may seem crazy. I am not leaving, no evil can pierce this force field with its evil plans or words. I am home, the home my family and I were lead to down this very dirt road I lay on. I will watch my


children laugh and play here, my dogs will run free chasing all kinds of things, I am going to grow old here holding hands with my husband, who by the way looks very handsome at an old age. I am here to stay this is my home. I am where I belong, I am where the good lord lead me. I am much more than a mother, wife, daughter, I am a women of faith that is much more powerful. I have someone much bigger by my side and I know that with the future here its bright and joyful and because of that I know God has a hand in this. This is my land .. My home.. My family. The rain can wash away my dirt angel the wind can blow it away but heart is here in this home.


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