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Support Your Love

Faith comes in many forms the physical, mental and the heart. To determine which is what you hear, see or even feel. How can one recognize what is right in front of them? We speak in  haste out of anger and our thoughts can be irrational because our minds are clouded. The confusion of real and not, the ability to know what we are or who we are? This comes from our jumbled, blocked, and unfocused minds, the lost, the confused, and the searching soul. We are the ones who set ourselves free from our own torment. We are the ones that can wonder off our path of salvation. Stop, pause , and just breathe. Do you see the love , feel the love, hear the love, those whispers in the wind are your rebirth to a kingdom of everlasting life. We are the ones who can correct the course just wait, stop and see the way. Follow his word.



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