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Do not fear

I stopped writing a long time ago because something major accrued in my life that brought me great pain. I vowed to never put pen to paper and write my own words again, from fear of myself. Everyone suffers from their past and I am one to say that giving up is just not the answer. How can I preach  to people that you are loved if I do not vow to love myself. I made that vow many years ago to love myself and to see I was worth loving. My fear of writing was only because I thought I would be lead to a path of self destruction. Being told by many people your just not smart enough eventually leads you to believe those horrible lies. I have seen many people believe horrible lies and destroy themselves on a daily basis. One day at a time. One day at a time is all you need to realize your worth saving, your worth more than viscous lies. Taking a vow, a commitment to be your own hero, don’t wait for someone to save you. You are the only one who can save yourself once the downward spiral begins. Those voices in your head are not real you are loved and you are worth more than you could ever know. Your life here on this earth is a stamp that should be placed in meaning and love. Think of who you are and be that person. Stay strong in the storm and hold tight. To bear ones soul, to bear the truth is so painful that it burns the flesh and you feel much more than a tear running down your cheek. I stopped because I  was afraid my words would take me back to that time and place. I am no longer afraid because I am not alone.



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