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Magical Saturday

With my crock pot going with some yummy BBQ beans the house is starting to smell good enough to eat. Later we will fire up the grill have some friends over and cook some steaks and fish.. A surf and turf type dinner tonight.

So funny story to share. We live in the country and stray dogs wonder around here a bit, most won’t stick around they get some water, food I put out for them, a little rest and leave. My friend had a dog wonder up and sure enough the dog is at my house laying on the porch. No I definitely do not need another dog but because my heart is too big I can’t see taking it to the pound either.
I’m was hoping to get out and work in the yard but the weather is taking a change with wind and clouds building up. Then I wanted to paint a little .. Mother’s Day is coming up soon. Its looking like a knit slash work on indoor crafts kind of day.
I posted not too long ago that I sell my used books on Amazon and its great and easy. I had one little glitch what my opinion is of a book that’s practically brand new verse another persons opinion. I bought the book brand new, no bent pages,no writing, and the CD with it not used still sealed up. To me that’s practically brand new, you should see some of my used books I purchase from school that are very over used. So a buyer disagreed with my description and then I started thinking.. Did it get damaged in transit? I asked and of course no response. I do my best to give honest description I wouldn’t want to buy something that was not what I saw.
Well its a magical Saturday for many reasons today. I woke up.. Yes, I woke up. I gave thanks for my day, I watched cartoons with my kids, I finished a huge paper I was worried about for school, I have wonderful friends coming for dinner, I have many things to look forward too.

Hope you have a blessed day.



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