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Success in life

         When you grow up you should do what you love. In reality that’s not always the case though. We go off to college with a dream and career in mind, but sometimes once we start working in our new career field we find that it’s not exactly the dream job we had hoped for. Many factors come in to play the location, the people you work with, and the people you work for. Now that I have had the opportunity to focus on school I am thinking more about my career field, I know I still want to be a nurse, but what kind of nurse do I want to be? I am still thinking it over.  The good thing is that I have some time and for now can find a part time job in the summer to keep my medical skills up to date.
While this is a quick post I am working hard and about to hit finals next week. I have been working on self improvement and it feels great. I recommend this for anyone who wants a change.


Hope everyone has a blessed day.


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