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Please hold while we update Life

Life is almost like a computer, it seems that at random moments it just starts updating itself even if you don’t want it to. Then it shuts off and reboots with changes to your normal programs that you had finally became accustomed to, leaving you with learning the program all over again. Sigh
How many of us get those feelings that something is trying to tell you something. I known someone that the minute they felt any type of déjà vu they would stop and do something else and that even ment stopping mid sentence and walking away.. Leaving you wondering if it was something you said. I got that gut feeling and you know what I changed my mind and went with my gut this time. Or was something or someone bigger than my gut trying to tell me something.. Was it my sign? I have been asking for a sign and maybe getting stuck in a ditch and reading the story of Judith made me reboot or rethink my initial thought. For those who don’t know the story, the mighty Assyrian army was on the the march against Jerusalem. To block the advance. The citizens of a small town of Bethulia are asked by then high priest to resist the army’s movement. With little hope of success but a great deal of courage, the Bethulians accept the challenge. When they are at the point of surrender, a childless widow named Judith steps forward. Putting all her trust in the “God of the lowly, the helper of the oppressed, the supporter of the weak, the protector of the forsaken, the savior of those without hope” she bravely delivers her nation from certain defeat.
The story of Judith must have presented a challenge to the male dominated world. As a childless widow, Judith would have had little social standing. Yet she succeeds where the king, the priests, and the leaders of the city fail. Judith the name itself stands for “Jewish woman”. In a sense, Judith stands for all the Jewish women of the past who served God through faith, courage, and decisive action.
Amazing right?! To think that with God, courage, and action what you can do.. You can defeat an army, go up against your battles and come out on the other side with victory.
So as I reboot, upload, and step out, I  know those who try to defeat me can’t break this firewall. Fear is the enemy, do not fear, walk with love and know you are not alone.

Have a blessed day!



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