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Weight loss

So according to some people weight can become a focus at a certain age. My focus has started at 35, and I have been on this kick of trying the new trends. Pretty interesting stuff out there I have to say. First when you start a 30 day challenge you have to be consistent and if you skip a day you start all over again. I am now starting over for the third time. Haha. Oh geezer.
OK so my next project this 3 day diet called the Military Diet. Its safe and you eat, maybe not food you like, but you still eat. You’re supposed to lose 10lbs in 3 days. Well I did OK but on day 1 I found I was hungry. By day 2 I was fine, I was actually full and in the swing of my diet. Day 3, I won’t lie I failed to follow thru and snacked and got completely distracted from the diet. So I’ll have to work on being consistent and not plan a diet when it’s close to a holiday, like Mother’s day. My son, sweet as pie made me chocolate covered pretzels, as a mom you have to eat them.. Right. Well I did.
Next up the slimming wrap thing. So I put some lotion on my tummy and wrapped myself in plastic wrap. I  am not about to pay for those kit things. The idea behind it all is that you sweat. Um OK . For me I’m sorry I didn’t see a difference.
Dieting, exercise, wraps its all so crazy sometimes. I have found I do better just getting into a solid routine and not to knock myself if I skip a day here or there, as long as I am trying I think that counts. Most importantly is health, staying healthy and get moving. Portion control and watching how often I sneak chips and candy. I don’t think I’ll ever have my high school body back and that’s OK with me, I would rather just enjoy being a healthy women.

Hope you have a blessed day.



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