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Overcoming a Problem

What is a problem? No really what is it? Can you define the problem? Could you even admit that it was or is a problem? No mater what or why it’s there, like an elephant in the room. That elephant sticks out like a sore thumb. Others see and recognize it, they say “Yup there is the problem!”. They know, yet you with the problem are left clueless.

Many times you come across the ocean, you size it up thinking how can I reach that island all the way over there.  It seems so impossible, but yet it’s out there for you to try. Failure is something no one including me really looks at in a positive way at first. My first reaction to failure is anger and disappointment. Next it’s the moment I start feeling sorry for myself and wonder why no one else feels sorry for me too. Then I finally realize how foolish I am acting and then take a look back at my failure and see it was a lesson to better myself. Frustrating and complicated life can leave you feeling at times and definitely when you feel alone in the situation. ” it is because I am carrying you” footprints in the sand has amazing meaning when you feel alone. 

Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”.

That problem, the elephant in the room, are the ocean and the land you wish to seek is a test of faith. So with guidance and strength I am diving in and swimming to my island.

Have a blessed day.


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