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Home is where?


“Home is where the heart is”. This is true, however my heart is here in this home I currently live in and I am thinking of everything I can do to keep it. I figure I can’t be the only one who has trouble with getting a home loan. I have thought about doing crowd funding to help but I run into two problems. First problem I have a short period of time to come up with a good amount a money. Second problem I feel guilty even posting for help compared to the stories I see on there. Here is a breakdown on the gofundme, a little girl lost her entire family in a tragic horrific way and she was the only one to survive. An unwanted baby was born with Down Syndrome. A mom to be with her first child was diagnosed with ALS. A man walks 21 miles to work everyday he is never late and has never been absent. After reading those my heart hurt for all those people, and here I am concerned about my petty problem. Reading these stories and seeing pictures of them still smiling gave me an overwhelming feeling that yet their distress they are still happy. That spoke volumes to me. I sit in tears for those who suffer and wish I could help, the only way I know how is  to pray.
I pray for those in need, I pray for those who are down on their knees begging for mercy, I pray for those who have lost hope and need someone to pray for them. I pray for the weak, the wounded , the people who are without a single thing in life other than the heart and love that’s beats in them to keep them going. I pray for you.

Hope you have a blessed day!


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