Super Mom!! Or am I ?


Do you have days as a mom your ampted up ready to face the day.. Nothing can stop Super Mom!!
I have felt that way on certain days I need to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. I get determined to be Super Mom the mom who does it all, I can clean, cook, be the financial advisor, the childcare, the after school driver, the tutor, all while I maintain my cool. Super mom doesn’t sweat nor does she skip a beat. Ummm well I guess I putter out at some point because the groceries fall out the bag, the kids start fighting, and dinner got burnt while I googled my 2nd graders math homework. Yes being the “Way to go mom!” Isn’t always reality. I have bad days like anyone else I don’t think any day can be perfect from sun up to sun down. The good news is all moms feel the same at some point and most moms have a mommy support that tells them “It’s OK”. Having that support that you are not alone seems to make you feel less out of sorts. A job that is 24/7 is the hardest one, but as a mom wouldn’t change it for the world..Nope not at all. So each day I try to be better than before and thank god for my amazing blessings.
Hope you have a blessed day


1 thought on “Super Mom!! Or am I ?”

  1. I have my days when I feel like supper mum but also I have my days were I doubt myself! I always feel better when I read that others have moments too, great post 🙂


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