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Do something about it ..FIGHT for it!



       My friend told me I have never know you to just give up. “Do something about it ..fight for it !” She said. I thought about her words and said you know what your right.. I don’t give up I fight for what matters most to me. Defeat and doubt can really play tricks on the mind. Your left feeling lost, confused, angry,depressed, scared, afraid.. Just negative. If everything in life were handed to me then who would I be today? I don’t think I would be a fighter. Even though times are rough I still have the ability to change the outcome.
  So check out these sites and if you see something you like just know you helped me with my fight to raise funds for our home a Forever Home for our family of six.
Etsy Store -HandMadends
More Than Muscle Shirt
Strength Tank
Dad is a Hero Shirt
I will be adding more shirts each time I post you can find my links to make a purchase.
Thank you

Hope you have a blessed day!


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