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Update your faith



  The storm rolls in who you are when it ends shows you what your made of. I can’t imagine my life any different really. I was even asked recently if I could change it, would I. Nope, then I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am not perfect  my flaws hang out like my muffin top I’ve tried to get rid of. I make mistakes but the important part is I am always led back to faith. I found recently my attempt to push the envelope and go in my own way without full faith has led me to huge let down’s. I started sleeping more, I started messing up in my classes, I wanted to just give up. The storm for me has been so heavy that I feel like I am about to sink. My focus to never give up, went out the window along with everything else.. I kept saying whatever I don’t care anymore.
  The wind hit me in the face. Did God ever give up.. No he didn’t. So why am I? I can continue to feel sorry for myself, feel like everything and everyone is going wrong in my life. I would rather choose to find faith in it all.
   I got up and started to read. I started to pray,ask for forgiveness, ask for courage to continue my journey through this storm. The storm has not passed yet but I am growing immune to the wraith of destruction. I am valuable its normal to stumble. I am updating my faith.

Have a blessed day


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