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I read a blog tonight that truely inspired me. I grew up in a city knowing my roots of a country life. I wouldn’t go calling myself a country girl by any means but I am familiar with it. I am OK getting dirty and eating cheap meals. I am fine with no neighbors and having to drive to nearest town for groceries. I have spent time in the city where everything was right next door, but something about the country gives you a whole new feeling of freedom. I can be dirty and no one cares cause that’s normal. My car hasn’t been washed because it gets muddy all over again. My kids play with all kinds of creepy crawling things and that’s OK. After a good rain the ditch is the swimming pool. Long ago I would have been so strict telling them no all the time.. Now I am like go for it have fun. My country life has allowed myself to be free and let my little ones be free as well. I am still strict due to unwanted not so friendly critters but for the most part.. Go run.. Scream.. Laugh.. Get muddy .. Play be a kid. Life is short and no one knows when our time will come. What we leave behind is our legacy. My children are my legacy.

Have a blessed day


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