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Mommy the Student


      Being a mom and a student I often wish I had a brain that could work quickly so I could move onto my next task for completion. My statistics class was a brain overload so by the time I would switch over to psychology class work I was so drained. Cramming in full classes in a short period of time can become stressful, certainly during summer when your kids are home. My classes now are a little less stressful but have lots of details that I need to pay close attention to. I thought before summer break I would just skip summer, but because I want to get done I’m pushing through it.
      My passion planner has worked wonders for my ability to schedule a write done things on the go. I’m looking forward to my next one.
   My summer house is a messy one. It’s difficult to keep it clean while 4others come behind messing it up. I have come to terms that this is simply just a part of life. Having a clean home is OK.. It doesn’t have to be spotless and sparkling. I have to say that our  loud sometimes to remind myself this. I love those perler beads, but it drives me crazy how many end up in the floor. The cool part another little girl taught my daughter how to make a chair.
   I think I might make today my free day..
Hope you have a blessed day


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