Getting through it all

There are days you just don’t have any control over what happens. You can plan, you can over think it, but truth is your not in control. So how would one feel about this situation? Well first anger, then sadnesses,denial, and then defiet. 

I have stated over and over again that I am horrible at writing, grammar, spelling, I could go on. The point is at times I have something to say that I feel sharing shows we are not alone. When faced with those stages of anger, sadness,denial, or even defiet know that someone somewhere is going through it to. I am for sure today!  I haven’t been on here in a long time simply because I gave up on this blog thing. I mean I felt I am not good at and who really wants to sit and read anymore! I also sat back on my business, well not really business I guess side hobby on Etsy. I’m not selling like I would and I felt why bother!  

I can’t help but think I didn’t try hard enough so here I am back. I’m not going to pay for the domain this time, I need to start slow and gradually build. I can’t grow a garden over night and feast the next day, so why would I think this would be any different. 

What you can expect from this blog. Kind inspiration, pictures on my current work for my pattern shop http://www.handmadends.com and me! Just plan old me. 

I challenge those who read this to leave a comment on how you started your blogs. Was it easy? Did you give it up? What is your best advice and what would you have differently knowing what you know now? 


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