Etsy Pattern site

I went forward on adding the Etsy pattern site. http://www.handmadends.comHandeMadends

     I find that it might work better for people who don’t want to have to create an Etsy account. There are a few themes to choose from and it’s really simple since all your inventory just slides over. The Etsy pattern in my opinion looks very sleek and professional. To be honest it was really the ease that pushed this decision. I invite you to go over and take a look. Please let me know your thoughts and experiences with Etsy pattern. 

    I have thought about using other sites to sell my handmade items, but for I feel comfortable with Etsy. I have tried many sites before Etsy and it was always difficult to figure them out. The competition is there especially in knitting and crochet. However I stuck with Etsy and this is a big reason I wouldn’t switch. **update there is a small catch to the pattern I didn’t realize. You can pay for google advertising and it does get a bit pricey. I was shocked to see my monthly bill not knowing this was occurring and about passed out. Even after. Turned it off the adds kept going for two more days. This plus my renewals, the pattern site and other etsy fees racked my bill up. Lesson here pay very close attention to what I sign up for. 


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