Update on my work

Here is a sneak peek the goodies I have follow me on Facebook at HandMadends to see more and make a purchase!


Here is another live sale

I have found that doing live sales can be a hit or miss. Sometimes you have people logged on and sometimes they don’t. The best thing I can offer as advice is just don’t get discouraged and don’t stop doing what you love.

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Where have you been??

Well I have been totally putting this page in the back burner. How about a quick update on where I have been.

First off I was working really hard on getting all of my handmade items done and creating new ideas. I started going to vendor events and networking. I have had great luck in meeting some really awesome people through these events.

Then I began working on my YouTube videos again. However there are those moments where I feel what I my nitch. I am obsessed with the weather and, get stuck in the mud when it rains or snows, have 4 kids that can make you go batty and tons of animals. Oh wait I forgot to mention I am still a student, however the end is near and I can not tell you how excited I am about that. Hey maybe that is what I should move onto next the fun times (not) of working a full time job, being a student and a mom who hangs with her animals and stares at the clouds looking for rotation. I think I found my nitch. Here are a few videos to share of my items on and other stuff. Leave a comment tell me what you think or ask me questions. If you want and have free time share the videos and subscribe.

Well if you click the link you can see the Vendor event Videos and other things. I am have Tech problems sharing them.  Happy Friday!!!