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Jewelry in Candles Fundraising
This is currently my sight with Jewelry in Candles and they have a great way to help you raise funds. 

JIC Nation is committed to supporting community groups and organizations with their fundraising needs. We want to partner with your group, through your JIC Independent Rep, to aid in raising funds for your specific needs. Your Rep will work closely with you to design and execute a successful fundraiser using our products.

● Pink Flame candles are all about choice! They have customer selected jewelryincluded outside the candle . It’s like getting two gifts in one!

First, we offer you a semi-custom candle with a custom fundraiser pin inside for an exciting prize reveal and as a support/spirit item for your organization. You earn 30% on all semi-custom candles sold. We ask you to set a goal to sell 100 or more of your candles.

JIC Nation will provide your organization with a free landing page on our website for 60 days so your customers can re-order products or try new products if they choose. We hope they fall in love with our soy based, highly aromatic candles and tarts that are made with essential oils and other fine ingredients.

JIC Nation will provide your organization with a free landing page on our website for 60 days so your customers can re-order products or try new products if they choose. We hope they fall in love with our soy based, highly aromatic candles and tarts that are made with essential oils and other fine ingredients.

If you collect a group of semi-custom candle orders to submit together, at one time, we will gladly send a bulk order directly to you to distribute to your customers. Bulk orders ship with a minimum of 50 products with a shipping cost of $1.00 per item.

Both non-profit 501c3 charity organizations and other groups such as schools and churches can host a fundraiser with our products. We can work with groups of 10-1,000 to achieve their goals.

If you are looking to hold a fundraiser please comment or reach me through my Jewelry in Candles page. 

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Prayer is beautiful

Love this

I adore the wounds  in thy sacred head with sorrows deep and true may every thought of mine today be an act of love for you I adore the wounds of thy sacred Hands with sorrow deep and true may every work of my hands today be an act of love for you I adore the wounds in by sacred feet with sorrow deep and true may every step I take today be an act of love for you I adore the wounds and thy Sacred Heart with sorrow deep and true may every beat of my heart today be an act of love for you pray for me a amen


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Who is in your life..


I honestly have to say if I didn’t have God in my life I am not sure where I would be. So many negative things go on in our world daily and for a second if we think it won’t hit close to home your mistaken. It’s when you have your guard down without prayer that the enemy attacks. Don’t let your day start without love, peace and joy in your heart. Laugh and let life be the journey it should be, allow those rough roads to be a lesson. Think back to how God played a role today, he was there but did you notice. Only those who focus on negative will be negative.. Those who focus on much more than the negative gain blessings.

Have a blessed day.

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I read a blog tonight that truely inspired me. I grew up in a city knowing my roots of a country life. I wouldn’t go calling myself a country girl by any means but I am familiar with it. I am OK getting dirty and eating cheap meals. I am fine with no neighbors and having to drive to nearest town for groceries. I have spent time in the city where everything was right next door, but something about the country gives you a whole new feeling of freedom. I can be dirty and no one cares cause that’s normal. My car hasn’t been washed because it gets muddy all over again. My kids play with all kinds of creepy crawling things and that’s OK. After a good rain the ditch is the swimming pool. Long ago I would have been so strict telling them no all the time.. Now I am like go for it have fun. My country life has allowed myself to be free and let my little ones be free as well. I am still strict due to unwanted not so friendly critters but for the most part.. Go run.. Scream.. Laugh.. Get muddy .. Play be a kid. Life is short and no one knows when our time will come. What we leave behind is our legacy. My children are my legacy.

Have a blessed day

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Home is where?


“Home is where the heart is”. This is true, however my heart is here in this home I currently live in and I am thinking of everything I can do to keep it. I figure I can’t be the only one who has trouble with getting a home loan. I have thought about doing crowd funding to help but I run into two problems. First problem I have a short period of time to come up with a good amount a money. Second problem I feel guilty even posting for help compared to the stories I see on there. Here is a breakdown on the gofundme, a little girl lost her entire family in a tragic horrific way and she was the only one to survive. An unwanted baby was born with Down Syndrome. A mom to be with her first child was diagnosed with ALS. A man walks 21 miles to work everyday he is never late and has never been absent. After reading those my heart hurt for all those people, and here I am concerned about my petty problem. Reading these stories and seeing pictures of them still smiling gave me an overwhelming feeling that yet their distress they are still happy. That spoke volumes to me. I sit in tears for those who suffer and wish I could help, the only way I know how is  to pray.
I pray for those in need, I pray for those who are down on their knees begging for mercy, I pray for those who have lost hope and need someone to pray for them. I pray for the weak, the wounded , the people who are without a single thing in life other than the heart and love that’s beats in them to keep them going. I pray for you.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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Overcoming a Problem

What is a problem? No really what is it? Can you define the problem? Could you even admit that it was or is a problem? No mater what or why it’s there, like an elephant in the room. That elephant sticks out like a sore thumb. Others see and recognize it, they say “Yup there is the problem!”. They know, yet you with the problem are left clueless.

Many times you come across the ocean, you size it up thinking how can I reach that island all the way over there.  It seems so impossible, but yet it’s out there for you to try. Failure is something no one including me really looks at in a positive way at first. My first reaction to failure is anger and disappointment. Next it’s the moment I start feeling sorry for myself and wonder why no one else feels sorry for me too. Then I finally realize how foolish I am acting and then take a look back at my failure and see it was a lesson to better myself. Frustrating and complicated life can leave you feeling at times and definitely when you feel alone in the situation. ” it is because I am carrying you” footprints in the sand has amazing meaning when you feel alone. 

Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”.

That problem, the elephant in the room, are the ocean and the land you wish to seek is a test of faith. So with guidance and strength I am diving in and swimming to my island.

Have a blessed day.

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Please hold while we update Life

Life is almost like a computer, it seems that at random moments it just starts updating itself even if you don’t want it to. Then it shuts off and reboots with changes to your normal programs that you had finally became accustomed to, leaving you with learning the program all over again. Sigh
How many of us get those feelings that something is trying to tell you something. I known someone that the minute they felt any type of déjà vu they would stop and do something else and that even ment stopping mid sentence and walking away.. Leaving you wondering if it was something you said. I got that gut feeling and you know what I changed my mind and went with my gut this time. Or was something or someone bigger than my gut trying to tell me something.. Was it my sign? I have been asking for a sign and maybe getting stuck in a ditch and reading the story of Judith made me reboot or rethink my initial thought. For those who don’t know the story, the mighty Assyrian army was on the the march against Jerusalem. To block the advance. The citizens of a small town of Bethulia are asked by then high priest to resist the army’s movement. With little hope of success but a great deal of courage, the Bethulians accept the challenge. When they are at the point of surrender, a childless widow named Judith steps forward. Putting all her trust in the “God of the lowly, the helper of the oppressed, the supporter of the weak, the protector of the forsaken, the savior of those without hope” she bravely delivers her nation from certain defeat.
The story of Judith must have presented a challenge to the male dominated world. As a childless widow, Judith would have had little social standing. Yet she succeeds where the king, the priests, and the leaders of the city fail. Judith the name itself stands for “Jewish woman”. In a sense, Judith stands for all the Jewish women of the past who served God through faith, courage, and decisive action.
Amazing right?! To think that with God, courage, and action what you can do.. You can defeat an army, go up against your battles and come out on the other side with victory.
So as I reboot, upload, and step out, I  know those who try to defeat me can’t break this firewall. Fear is the enemy, do not fear, walk with love and know you are not alone.

Have a blessed day!